Get ready to get cozy this fall with these 27 low-carb keto recipes.

When leaves turn golden brown and long sleeves are becoming a must, you know the fall is here.

This is the season when you start to crave cozy, hearty dishes. The type of meals that’ll warm you up and leave your soul content.

Case in point, comfort foods traditionally scream carbs. Whether it’s potato-filled casseroles or a bowl of chowder, a chock full of carbs was in those recipes.

But luckily, going low-carb keto doesn’t have to mean you need to skimp on comfort. There are many seasonal produce low in carb and keto. 

Pumpkin, cauliflower, kale, and garlic are always my top picks. Brussel sprouts and squashes also add a sense of winter and comfort to every dish.

To truly enjoy the season and cozy up with the heart-warming dishes, I curated some of the best fall keto recipes. They are flavorful, full of seasonal goodness, and bring heartiness without heavy carbs.

From pumpkins to cinnamons, the smell of fall will be wafting through the kitchen in no time!

Dust off your slow-cooker and get ready to cook up these amazing fall keto recipes.

1. Sweet + Spicy Turkey Chili with Bacon

The whole ingredients in this hearty chili replace the sugary carbs found in most others! And really, is there anything better than watching football with a mug of chili?

Get the recipe here: Bacon + Turkey Chili

2. Keto Cornbread

As long as we’re making chili, we might as well make some cornbread to go with it, right? Almond flour and flax meal sub for the corn in this recipe. It’s so easy to make, you might just want to permanently leave the skillet out for daily batches!

The recipe can be found here: Skillet Keto Cornbread

3. Keto Chicken Korma

Craving for something creamy and savory? This dangerously crave-worthy, satisfying fall keto chicken korma recipe is what you need. It has all the components of a perfect keto meal. To top it all, it has the fall flavors of pumpkin or squash that makes you feel cozy and warm. Heading to a busy holiday season, I suggest you freeze some in ice cube trays.

Recipe found here: Keto Chicken Korma

4. Keto Mac-cauliflower Cheese

A thick, creamy cheese sauce and a hint of spice make this faux mac+cheese as good as its pasta predecessor.

check it out here: Cauliflower Mac + Cheese

5. Parmesan Cauliflower Mash with Chives

You won’t be missing mashed potatoes once you try this Faux-tato recipe! All the goodness of comfort food with a fraction of the carbs and calories!

grab the recipe here: Mashed Fauxtatoes with Parm+Chives

6. Keto Chicken + Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings are perfect combos for a cozy, hearty, comfort meal. It’s low-carb, keto-approved and definitely gluten-free. Not to mention, this keto crockpot recipe is one easy recipe that takes literally no fuss to make. It’s one fall recipe you’ll cherish on a breezy cold day.

follow your tastebuds here: Chicken and Dumplings

7. Keto Chili

Chili without beans or tomatoes??? Yes! It exists, it’s keto-friendly, and it’s delicious!

come and get it here: Keto Chili

8. Chicken Crock-Pot Stew

This recipe proves that your crock-pot is the hardest-working kitchen gadget you own. All ingredients for this stew are added raw, making it one of the easiest “one-pot” stews around!

recipe found here: Keto Crock-pot Chicken Stew

9. Turkey Meatballs

Ricotta and parmesan do the work of breadcrumbs in this easy meatball recipe. Smother them in your favorite sauce and you’ve got a dish worthy of pot-luck status!

get the recipe: Baked Turkey Meatballs

10. Zucchini Crust Pizza

Need a break from cauliflower crust? You might want to try zucchini instead. It’s equally nutritious and pretty much calorie-free. Make this zucchini keto pizza crust in advance and freeze for easy low-carb pizza night. 

another little pizza, my heart: Zucchini Crust Pizza

11. Pumpkin Soup

Keto pumpkin soup recipe
Fall keto soup recipe

Nothing says Fall Comfort Food like Pumpkin Soup! And this simple recipe packs a flavorful punch in under 30 min of prep time.

find the recipe here: Keto Pumpkin Soup

12. Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms
Courtesy of The Recipe Critic

Nothing adds more depth to the flavors than mushrooms and I love them for that. But what’s even better is when their rich flavors are mixed with garlic and Parmesan. It creates a perfect savory side dish, anyone, from foodies to keto dieters will love. Can’t get enough of it? I’d totally make this a meal! 

recipe found here: Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms

13. Keto Chicken Pot Pie

Hosting a dinner party and in need of a recipe to totally wow your guests? Look no further. This keto version of chicken pot pie will wow them all—just make sure you have enough! The fine art of keto “crust-making” is what elevates your chicken pot pie! 

get the recipe: Keto Chicken Pot Pie

14. Bacon Cauliflower Chowder

Bacon cauliflower chowder soup
Courtesy of Delish

If you’ve been on a keto diet for a while, chances are you’ve had your shares of bacon and cauliflower dishes. But have you ever tried a bacon + cauliflower CHOWDER? It’s one recipe that needs no introduction. 

chow-der down, here: Bacon Cauliflower Chowder

15. Turkey Zucchini Pesto Skillet

As this food blogger writes, this dish is “chop, chop, stir, and serve.” And, this skillet full of flavor certainly delivers a wonderful mid-week meal.

recipe found here: Turkey Zucchini Pesto Skillet

16. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

To be honest, did you even need to read beyond “bacon-wrapped?” Here’s another dish that will go perfectly with the keto cornbread of #2 above.

get the recipe: Turkey Wrapped in Bacon

17. Bacon Parm Brussels Sprouts

If you’re looking for a Brussels Sprouts makeover, look no further. This dowdy autumn veggie often gets a bad wrap, but not when it’s paired with bacon and cheese. 

grab the recipe: Bacon Parm Brussels Sprouts

18. Zuppa Toscana Soup

Fall calls for hearty, healthy soups. But you don’t need to bore yourself with another hearty veggie soup. March into fall with this nostalgic soup entitled “Zuppa Toscana” 

This copycat recipe is mouth-watering good and healthy. Enjoy guilt-free with keto bread rolls. 

Olive this recipe, linked here: Slow-cooker Keto Zuppa Toscana

19. Cauliflower Soup

There’s keto-friendly, and then there’s keto-best-friendly. This creamy soup is so insanely yummy, that you won’t believe it’s also fast, cheap, and easy to make. #KBFF

Get the recipe, here: Easy Cauliflower Soup 

20. Keto Beef Stroganoff

If you’re looking for the best Russian-inspired keto dishes, you’ve landed on the moon with this one. And that’s not fake news. 

Grab the recipe here Beef Stroganoff

21. Keto Pumpkin Bread

What’s the best thing fall can produce? If you answered pumpkins, we can be best friends! I love making everything with pumpkin in it in the fall, and bread is no exception. If the sound of pumpkin bread gets you excited, head this way for the best Pumpkin-pied Bread, ever.

get the recipe: Keto Pumpkin Bread Recipe

22. Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Bars

This chocolate pumpkin bars recipe is so well crafted you wouldn’t believe it’s keto. It’s free of sugar, gluten, wheat, and even dairy. Yet, it’s one delicious chocolate bar you love to indulge in from time to time. It’s the precise mixture of key ingredients that makes this keto dessert a home run. 

Find the recipe here: Keto Chocolate Pumpkin Bars

23. Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cups, anyone? During this Halloween season, you can dish the conventional PB cups for these keto cups. These dollops of peanut butter and chocolate will have you carb-craving-free.

The recipe found here: Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

24. Pumpkin Mousse

I know what you’re thinking; “mousse” already sounds pretentious, why add “pumpkin” to it? But hear me out: 10 minutes of prep time for a decadently sweet dessert that comes in at only 5 grams of net carbs!

For the recipe, click here: Keto Pumpkin Mousse

25. Keto Apple Mug Cake

Is there anything more American than apple pie in the Fall? I think not. Well, maybe, perhaps…Keto Apple Pie in a Mug.

Join the 21st Century here: Keto Apple Pie Mug Cake

26. Keto Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

If you’re looking for a smug and sneaky Keto treat to bring to parties, well…look no further. These delightful keto snickerdoodles are so carb-vincing! You’ll be asked for the recipe all night!

Get the recipe: Keto Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

27. Keto Pumpkin Pie

Ready for some pumpketoin Pie?

Ok, fine, I made that word up. But, if the perfect Fall Keto dessert existed, it would be some version of this traditional treat. Just add whipped cream for a totally indulgent experience!

For the recipe, click: Keto Pumpkin Pie

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