7 delicious and easy keto mac and cheese recipes that you’ll absolutely love!

Keto and Cauliflower make such a power couple, we think it’s high time for a celebrity name smash-up.

So, in the name of comfort food, we would like to introduce: “KetoFlower,” starring in a series of recipes near you! 

Seriously, though, following a low-carb keto diet may mean deprivation to some.

But that’s just because they haven’t discovered all the yumminess cauliflower can deliver. 

Take macaroni and cheese, for example. A beloved dish to everyone, but entirely off-limits to the keto crowd because of the carbs. 

Well, prepare yourself! We’ve found the 7 most delectable, creamy, and cheesy recipes out there. All variations of mac ‘n’ cheese, all low-carb, and all because of KetoFlower!

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1. KetoFlower + Cheese Casserole

Cauliflower cheese casserole

This one goes out to everyone who has been missing the southern goodness variety of baked mac ‘n’ cheese.

The kind that’s bubbly, oozy, and cheesy with a satisfying crunch of pork rind on top!

Get the recipe from Delish.

2. Keto ‘n’ Cauliflower ‘n’ Mac ‘n’ Ham ‘n’ Cheese

Cauliflower ham cheese baked

And, And, And! All the everything that makes a macaroni and cheese recipe delicious right here…

The recipe can be found on Appetiteforenergy.

3. KetoFlower + Cheese with Bacon

Cauliflower bacon and cheese baked

You’ve got your bacon. You’ve got your cheese. And you’ve got your cauliflower. Essentially, this might be the keto-iest recipe ever. 

This ‘keto’ mac n cheese recipe is sure to please your family and friends whether they are on keto or not.

Grab the recipe here on Tasty.co

4. Keto Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Chicken Thighs

Cauliflower Cheese with Chicken Thighs

A one-skillet dish done in under 30 minutes makes this recipe a winner for weeknight ease. Factor in the nutritious addition that spinach adds, and this is a complete meal!

Completely delicious, that is…

Get the recipe from Easyanddelish.com

5. KetoFlower and Cheese with Pulled Pork

Cauliflower Cheese with Pulled Pork

Let’s say you’ve got some pulled pork you’d like to use up. Let’s also say you’ve got a hankering for macaroni and cheese.

Also—you’re on a keto diet. Well then—hypothetically speaking—this is the perfect recipe.

Get the recipe from Lowcarbyum.com

6. Ketoflower ‘n’ Cheese with Prosciutto and Caramelized Onion

Cheese with Prosciutto and Caramelized Onion

Well, aren’t you fancy? You will be—after whipping up this low-carb wonder! It’s packed with savory flavor AND the dreaminess of mac ‘n’ cheese, with a keto-twist.

The recipe can be found on Peaceloveandlowcarb.com

7. Lobster Cauliflower Faux-Mac Faux-Cheese

Lobster cauliflower baked cheese

By now, we think you’re ready to up your mac ‘n’ cheese culinary game. This recipe has neither MAC nor—wait for it—CHEESE.

But, who cares, because—LOBSTER!

We think you’ll love the paleo vibe of this dish. And pretty soon, you’ll be all, “Mac, who? Cheese, what?” Faux-real.

Grab the recipe here on Vitacost.com

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