You’ve heard about Keto Chaffles craze and thought to yourself, what on earth is that!? 

I’m here to demystify this newest keto food trend and blow your mind with some awesome recipes at the same time. 

Ready to drink the cool-aid and make some chaffless with me today? 

Let’s get started. 

Keto chaffles is the greatest low-carb bread alternative invented by someone on keto. Not sure who was the inventor, but it was a genius nevertheless. 

The way I describe keto chaffles is this. 

It’s waffles made mainly with cheddar cheese. Therefore, it’s chaffles. (I just made the name part up. In all honesty, I don’t know how the name came about.) 

It looks like waffles on the outside since they are made using a waffle maker. It’s practically low-carb keto waffles. 

But what I think people went crazy over is the ingredients, and here is the original recipe.

There is quite a variation of chaffles recipes out there now, but all seems to stem from this basic recipe. 

It’s made with two ingredients: cheese and eggs. And this recipe seems to contain the golden ratio. 1/2 cup of cheese for every egg. 

With just two ingredients, it makes perfectly crispy, cheesy, and savory waffle-ish food. And with two, you can turn them into sandwich buns.

With one, you can use it as a hot dog bun. 

Or simply, you can eat it like how you eat waffles, with chicken of course!

It’s seriously an endless fun you can have with keto low-carb chaffles.

From sweet cravings to salty mouth, these zero-carb chaffles can satisfy you like no other. 

If you are pumped like me, go ahead and try your hand at first with this basic chaffles recipe. Then, move yourself to other tweaks that’ll just perfect your be-loved chaffles. 

Orignal Keto Chaffles Recipe

  • 1 Egg
  • 1/2 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

To make keto chaffles, here are the simple steps.

And if you’ve ever made waffles, it’s quite similar.

The idea is to make your batter and pour it into the waffle maker. 

If you are making waffles or chaffles for the first time, follow these. 

  • Turn on your waffle maker and heat it up. 
  • Once heated, spray your oil to grease the machine. I use coconut oil spray for this. 
  • In a mixing bowl, crack the egg open and beat it. 
  • Throw in the shredded cheese and stir for about a minute until combined. 
  • Pour the batter into the heated waffle maker. If you are using a mini-sized maker, pour just half. Close the cover and cook until the batter is all set. About 5 minutes give or take depending on the power of your machine and how much batter you ended up pouring. 
  • Remove the chaffles from the machine and cool them on a plate before serving. 

If you are ready to channel yourself to greater and more advanced chaffles recipes and meals, here are my top 7. 

I suggest you try them all to find just the chaffles that fit your taste palette and fulfill your carb dreams. Without the carbs, of course. 

1. Almond Flour Keto Chaffles Recipe

Almond flour Keto chaffles recipe
Courtesy of Wholesome Yum

I love Wholesome Yum and Maya’s take on her keto chaffles recipe. It’s less eggy and the texture is more consistent. If you are into fluffier chaffles, you’d love her basic recipe with almond flour.

Baking powder is optional, but if you add it in, it adds extra puffiness. 

This is a good basic recipe to work off of, and I like it just the way it is especially for keto sandwich. The flavor is not overpowering and works well with different sandwich ingredients. It works well with keto egg salad, tuna salad, and even regular BLT. 

If you weren’t over the moon with just egg and cheese, try Maya’s recipe. The chances are, you’ll love her version of chaffles.

2. Keto Pizza Chaffles

Keto pizza chaffles
Courtesy of Delish

Now that you tried your hand on the almond flour keto chaffles, it’s time to take it up a notch again. 

The next to try is Delish’s Keto Pizza Chaffles. 

When it comes to the batter, it’s very similar to the Maya’s recipe with almond flour. For this keto pizza, use mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar for the Italian flare. 

And have a spoon full of marinara and slices of salami ready for toppings. 

They are the easiest pizza I’ve made in my entire life, and it’s sufficiently tasty to make it a repeat recipe. 

But really, the biggest appeal is the convenience. It literally takes 5-10 mins from the start to finish. It’s quick, easy, and delicious. 

It’s a perfect low-carb pizza recipe for lazy cooks like me. 

Head over to Delish for the complete recipe. 

3. Cinnamon Keto Waffles

Cinnamon keto chaffles
Courtesy of Hangry Woman

If your idea of waffles is sweet rather than savory, this your kind of recipe, and I know you’ll love it. 

Mila from Hangry Woman made a version of keto waffles or chaffles with cinnamon and vanilla. It’s the perfect low-carb waffles for Sunday brunch or Christmas morning. 

It’s the smell of cinnamon that brings the season to your morning and uplifts everyone in the room. To me, there is nothing that beats a home filled with the cinnamon during the holiday season. 

There are a few cinnamon chaffles recipes out there, but I think Mila nailed it with this one. 

This recipe makes me crave cinnamon sticks and fulfill my cravings all in one bite. 

It’s easy, fast, and budget-friendly. Comes this holiday season, I hope you try this recipe with your kiddos. My whole family loves this cinnamon chaffles, and I know yours will too. 

Grab the cinnamon keto waffles recipes on Hangry Woman

4. Chocolate Chip Chaffle Keto Recipe

Chocolate chip chaffle keto recipe
Courtesy of Kasey Trenum

Speaking of making keto meals kids would love, there is no better recipe to share with you than this. 

It’s Kasey’s chocolate chip chaffle keto recipe. Chocolate chip is a magic word in my family, and with it, my daughter will eat up practically anything. 

So the moment I saw this chocolate chip chaffle recipe, I knew I had to make it for my daughter. 

It’s the perfect chaffle recipe to make on weekends. Though not because it takes time to make it but so we have time to make second and even third servings! 

And for coconut lovers, this gets even better. With this recipe, instead of using almond flour, you use coconut flour with heavy cream. 

Also, unlike other chaffle recipes, this one omits the cheese. So even if you are out of cheese for making too many chaffles, you can make this chocolate version with no problem! 

To get started, head over to Kasey’s blog for her recipe and her tips! 

5. Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Chaffles

Keto pumpkin cheesecake chaffles
Courtesy of Butter Together Kitchen

Are you looking for a keto fall recipe with pumpkin? I have just the recipe for you. 

It’s Butter Together Kitchen’s keto pumpkin cheesecake chaffle recipe. 

It’s like a short-cut version of keto dessert. You can make this when you don’t really want to take out all your baking gear. It’s less messy, hustle free, and takes a shorter time. 

All without sacrificing the flavors and taste. 

It’s also one recipe you’ll enjoy with a cup of ginger tea by the fireplace if you are lucky enough to have one. 

I can eat this chaffles all day long in November when it’s all about pumpkins. 

Ready to try this mouthwatering chaffles? Check out this cheesecake chaffle recipe on Butter Together Kitchen.

6. Savory Chaffle Keto Recipe

Savory chaffle keto recipe
Courtesy of Healthy Delicious

We’ve covered the original, a better version, and sweet chaffles keto recipes. It’s time we cover the savory chaffles that’ll knock your socks off. 

And this one is for jalapeno lovers like me. 

The list of ingredients makes me think of quiche for a second. And loosely speaking, it hits a similar taste palette. 

The cheese, ham, jalapeno, and eggs, it’s the perfect blend of ingredients for an elevated brunch. 

If you are hosting a brunch party, I would consider this keto waffles to be part of my menu. It’s different, but not too far out. 

Its familiar flavor blend presented in a new way is refreshing. If your girlfriends are into new and trendy, it’s the kind of keto chaffles you want to serve to impress them!

As Lauren specifies on her recipe, I too recommend the use of sharp cheddar. It’s so that the cheese flavor can withstand the kick of the peppery jalapeno. 

Go straight to Healthy Delicious for Lauren’s ham and cheese chaffle recipe. 

7. Taco Keto Chaffle Recipe

Taco chaffle keto recipe
Courtesy of Low Carb Inspirations

I’m ending this round-up with a taco chaffle recipe. Low-carb keto waffles are not just for breakfast or desserts. They can be a legit keto dinner if you want them to be. 

And there is no better way to enjoy keto dinner than with this delicious carb-free taco?

The chaffles you make are the basic ones with cheese and egg. You can use any cheese whether it’s mozzarella or cheddar, but my favorite is the Mexican blend. 

I get a pack from Whole Foods, but you can get it from practically anywhere. It’s a mix of cheddar, Monterey Jack, and others. Sometimes it’s referred to as quesadilla cheese. 

Use the chaffles as the taco shells. 

For the taco ground beef, cook a pound of ground beef with the taco spice blend on the recipe. As desired, have shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and side of sour cream. 

Put together taco the same way you normally do with taco chaffles and taco meat. Top with your chosen toppings and enjoy low-carb tacos! 

Head over to Low-Carb Inspirations for the complete recipe. 

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